Thermal Insulated Facade Panels

GRC PLUS, thermal insulated facade panels are designed to solve your building's wall, insulation and decoration needs in a fast, economical and environmentally friendly. The thermally insulated facade panels are formed by composite of steel carcass facade cladding with rock wool or mineral wool.

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GFRC Facade Claddings

The facade claddings which are produced in the desired form and size protect the building from external influences as well as customizing the buildings. In addition to its decorative features, it prevents steel corrosion in the building and extends the life of the buildings by protecting the main carrier systems of the structures.

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GRC Plus Urban Furniture

With its urban furniture, products and decorative landscaping elements, Fiberton A.ş. adds value not only to your buildings but also to your living spaces. With its decorative environmental elements of a wide range from garden and urban furniture to sculpture, and fountains and clock towers, it offers its customers decorative alternatives.

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Decorative Facade Elements

Decorative facade elements claddings bring architectural richness and enhanced visual approaches to your buildings in a wide range of architectural approaches from the Renaissance period to modern architecture. These elements are done with special flexible moulds to reach high texture details.

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Artisan Concrete by Fiberton A.Ş.

Artisan Concrete

Prekast : Fiberton A.Ş.- Artisan Concrete



Thanks to its glass fiber reinforcement, GRC is flexible and highly durable in addition to its ability to provide unrestricted forms. These features make GRC very long-lasting.


According to Nonflammability DIN 4102 norm, it is A-1 and it keeps its integrity against flame.


GRC, which is produced in the factory environment by recycling waste, uses less concrete and steel, minimizing the noise and water amount in the construction.It is significantly environment-friendly in this sense.


GRC, which is produced at the factory and brought to the field of application, can be mounted quickly by using various equipment and assembly techniques, thus significantly reducing the construction time.


The GRC is thinner as a characteristic feature and is much lighter than conventional concrete and pre-stressed precast concrete. Its shell structure and 1.5 mm thickness make GRC indispensable


GRC, which is water and sound insulated due to its nature, provides thermal insulation with the application of stone wool to be applied to the panels according to TS 825 without the need for additional insulation.

Artisan Concrete

Artisan concrete is manufactured by Fiberton with GFRC / GRC (Precast) Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete elements. Until now, concrete elements are mostly asseblying on facade cladding. Now, elements are using also for landscaping. In the long run, Fiberton A.Ş. is working hard to enlarge variation of concrete elements. Fiberton A.Ş., with its sectoral experience of more than 20 years, directs the sector with its expert architects, engineers and technicians. Furthermore, Fiberton Inc. in precast (grc) production, besides being a member of GRCA, furthermore has TSE and Iso certificates. Besides, Fiberton A.Ş., is your solution partner on exterior cladding and carries out successful projects.

Suitable Climate

Fiberton A.Ş. carries out production in its factory in Mersin, in effect offers the most suitable climate, logistics and raw material opportunities in the country for precast (gfrc) production. Therefore, we offer world-class production with high quality and reasonable pricing.

Fiberton Quality in Artisan Concrete

As a result of manufacturing on an area of ​​20,000 m2, Fiberton A.Ş. makes great efforts to accelerate the development of the sector and contribute to the sector in its laboratory. At our factory, where aging tests can be carried out within the scope of TSE standards, not only the performance of precast but also all facade disciplines are measured. In this way, the effect of climatic conditions on corrosion is determined, and fasteners are selected considering the project ambient conditions.

The Importance of Location in the Production of Artisan Concrete Precast (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

White cement is the basic raw material of precast (gfrc) glass fiber reinforced concrete elements. And are manufactured only in Mersin and Adana in Turkey. Besides, Çukurova region has the richest and highest quality silica mine fields in Turkey. Thus, is another indispensable part of the production of precast (grc) glass fiber reinforced concrete facade elements. For this reason, Turkey’s most important glass factories are in this region.

Seaway, Railroad or Airway, We Are In All

Mersin, which has one of the largest ports in the country. Thus, has the most advantageous position in shipping by sea. As a result of railway, there is a transfer zone next to our factory. With the help of this railway, shipments can be done to China as well. So, we are free to say Fiberton A.Ş. has the most effective delivery options.

Fiberton Precast A.S. Istanbul Branch:

Our head office in Istanbul, is having management, marketing, sales and technical office units. In addition, we have a separate technical department in our Mersin factory. Which works in coordination with the Istanbul technical department. In conclusion, we’re aiming to fulfill all the requirements to bring your designs to life.

Artisan Concrete by Fiberton A.Ş.

We Follow the Development of  Artisan Concrete in the Precast Industry

Fiberton A.Ş., developing in the sector of precast (gfrc) glass fiber reinforced concrete. That innovation of facade elements are shown in domestic and foreign fairs. Also, organizes organizations that allow to architecture students  on having more knowledge of material. Therefore, serves the sectoral development with the philosophy of common mind. Kindly asking for following us on social platforms.

PRECAST Product Range

Surely, Fiberton A.Ş. is a manufacturer of GFRC / GRC. Besides Fiberton A.Ş., manufactures concrete products such as HPC (High Performance Concrete) and UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete). In addition, Fiberton A.Ş. continues to research on GRP (Fiber Reinforced Polyester). Also GRG (Fiber Reinforced Plaster) production is in progress. Till that time, we manufactured various concrete elements. At the same time, we’re aiming to increase the variations of our products. So that, feel free on sharing your comments with us.

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Fiberton A.Ş. is a company integrated with the world, that deems to R&D activities important.


Fiberton A.Ş. knows the value of time because of its sector knowledge, and it is fast thanks to efficient planning and time management.


Fiberton A.Ş. is always dynamic and solution-oriented thanks to its innovative architecture and installation solutions and the logistical advantages of Mersin.


Fiberton A.Ş. is creative with its creative ideas and detail solutions, its façade solutions which are compatible with other facade elements and which make a difference.


Fiberton A.Ş. is competitive with high material quality, uninterrupted production capability, reasonable prices and service facilities by utilizing its regional advantages.


It determines the needs of your projects and offers appropriate solutions.

Fiberton A.Ş.

The Artistic Face Of Concrete

Charming Concrete Elements

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